Homeless Resources

There are many programs in the community providing housing and supportive services to persons who are homeless or at risk of becoming homelessness.

CommunityPoint Resource Directory

THHI maintains an online informational database of homeless shelters, housing, prevention and other supportive services available in Tampa and Hillsborough County. To access the database, visit CommunityPoint.

Homeless and Without Shelter?
If you are currently homeless and living on the street, in your car or other type of place not meant for human habitation, there are a variety of shelter and housing programs that may be able to assist you including emergency shelter, interim/bridge housing, transitional housing, permanent supportive housing and rapid rehousing programs.  Find out more about these programs and how to find out if you may be eligible by visiting the Shelter and Housing page.

Additional Community Resource Database

The Crisis Center of Tampa Bay offers a community resource online database to over 4,600 human services available in Hillsborough County, including resources for basic needs, food, rent, clothing, shelter and utilities, relationship counseling, senior services, health and substance abuse issues, depression and suicide, teenage issues, parenting help, disaster assistance, legal affairs and financial support. For more information or for a referral call 2-1-1.

If seeking affordable housing, visit the Florida Housing Search  online database. For access to the available housing options in Hillsborough County, utilize the Hillsborough County Housing Search.

Please note:   This information is provided to help homeless individuals and families identify programs and organizations that may be able to assist them.  Programs and information provided does not imply endorsement or regulation by THHI as each program, service and/or organization is operated by governmental or independent entity not owned or operated by THHI.  THHI does not provide or operate any housing shelter or assistance programs; and we are not a direct referral agency.