Take Action

Here are 3 ways you can take action to help homeless men, women and children.

1. Donate to Support Proven Community-Based Solutions.

Community collaboration, data-driven strategy and coordinated efforts based on proven best practices is what works to reduce and end homelessness.  Developing and operating these types of programs to meet the need of people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless require a broad spectrum of support. Visit our Donate Page to learn how you can support THHI and the CoC.

2. Volunteer.

Serving meals, packing hygiene supplies, data entry and clerical tasks, facilities maintenance, mentoring and tutoring are several ways you can provide service to organizations in need of support. Every opportunity to learn a new skill – whether just as a hobby or one that could lead to a new vocation – can point someone in a new direction.  Visit our Volunteer page to learn about volunteer opportunities with THHI and CoC member agencies.

3. Advocate and Educate Others.

Chances are that if you are visiting this page to find ways to help homeless people, you know that homeless people are not like the myths and misperceptions paint them to be. Don’t keep this information to yourself. Educate people in your circle of influence including your elected officials and community leaders by talking about homelessness and dispelling the common myths and misperceptions that exist. By sharing what you know to be true, you could be opening the door for more people to join the efforts and make a bigger difference.