THHI RFP – HMIS Coordinated Entry Customization

THHI Seeks Proposals for HMIS Customization for Coordinated Entry Process

THHI is seeking to contract with an entity to build the Coordinated Entry System in the Tampa/Hillsborough County CoC’s HMIS Database.

A Coordinated Entry System, as defined by HUD, helps a Continuum of Care (CoC) prioritize assistance based on vulnerability and severity of service needs to ensure that people who need assistance the most can receive it in a timely manner. This process helps to ensure that assistance be allocated as effectively as possible and that it be easily accessible no matter where or how people present.

A Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) is a web-based software application designed for service providers to record & store client-level information on the characteristics & service needs of homeless men, women & children throughout a CoC’s jurisdiction to coordinate service provisions, manage their operations, & better serve their clients.

The scope of this project includes the creation of the Entry Assessment, Interim Assessments, the Exit Assessment for the Coordinated Entry System, and the creation of a series of Custom Reports, including a Priority List Report and Subpopulation By Name List Reports with guidance from THHI staff. The scope of this project also includes deploying an electronic PIT Count Survey app that has already been developed; the proposer may to choose whether or not to include this component in their proposal. Templates have already been created for assessments and reports.

Please refer to the Complete RFP (RFP – HMIS Coordinated Entry) for additional information and Scope of Work specific details.