Tampa/Hillsborough County Continuum of Care: Membership

Tampa/Hillsborough County Continuum of Care Membership

Membership in the Tampa/Hillsborough County Continuum of Care is open to any organization – nonprofit, for profit, or governmental entity – committed to ending homelessness or assisting people who are homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless within the Tampa/Hillsborough County area.

To be considered an active member of the Tampa/Hillsborough CoC, the member organization must meet these thresholds:

  1. Participation by authorized representatives in a minimum of 80 percent of general (monthly) meetings;
  2. Have at least one agency designated participant as a voting member of one of the CoC’s eight (8) standing/sub-committees, with that person (or designated alternate) attending at least 80 percent of their respective committee meetings.

Failure to meet participation thresholds will result in forfeiture of an organizations CoC active status. The minimum participation threshold is not applicable to funders of the CoC.

The membership year, for determining 80 percent participation shall be January 1 to December 31 and active status will be based on the most recently ended calendar year, beginning January 1, 2017. Until January 1, 2017, 80 percent attendance will be based on the previous, rolling, 12 month period.

CoC Membership Application

Applications for membership shall be submitted, using the CoC membership form, to THHI, the CoC lead agency at info@THHI.org, and are subject to approval by a majority vote of the Executive Planning Committee. Each member organization must serve on at least one of the eight CoC standing / subcommittees.

Annually each member organization shall verify its membership information by November 30th, by submitting the CoC’s membership form to info@THHI.org indicating changes or no changes.

Tampa/Hillsborough County CoC Membership Application

CoC Members

Visit the CoC Members Page to view a list of current active and participating members.