CoC Performance

An effective local homeless response must be a coordinated system.  Recognizing this, HUD has established and is requiring CoC’s to monitor and report system-level performance data that measures progress in meeting the needs of people experiencing homelessness.  HUD will use the system-level performance information as a competitive element in its annual CoC Program Competition and to gauge the state of the homeless response system nationally.

System Performance Measures

System Performance Measures (SPM) are reported to HUD annually beginning in 2015. These measures evaluate the Tampa/Hillsborough County CoC’s progress towards making homelessness in Hillsborough County rare, brief, and non-recurring. Click here to learn more about HUD’s system performance measurements.

View local System Performance Measure data:

CoC Presentations

THHI is working with the CoC members and utilizing data from the UNITY Information Network (HMIS) to review system and project level data to monitor and evaluate our CoC.  Local system and project level data is presented at monthly CoC meetings. At times, CoC strategies and HMIS changes may also be included in CoC presentations. The goal of these presentations is to encourage CoC members to think globally, facilitate discussion about what works best in our CoC, promote transparency, and encourage data driven decisions.

View CoC presentations: