Documents & Reports


As the lead agency for the Tampa/Hillsborough County CoC, we want to ensure transparency and easy access to important CoC related documents and reports that are key components of organizing and delivering an effective system of housing and services to reduce and end homelessness in our community:


Annual HUD CoC Grant Process and Application

THHI, as the lead agency and collaborative applicant for the Tampa/Hillsborough County CoC, is responsible for the coordination, completion and submission of this annual grant in conjunction with all renewal and new project (if applicable) partners.

Housing Inventory Count Chart (HIC)

The Housing Inventory Count Chart is completed by THHI staff, in conjunction with provider, as part of the homeless count and submitted annually to HUD.  The HIC collects information about all of the beds and units within our CoC dedicated solely for individual and families who are literally homeless.


Tampa/Hillsborough County CoC Policies

The HEARTH Act amendments to the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act codified in law the role and functions of the CoC to address homelessness through a coordinated community-based process of identifying needs and building a system of housing and services that addresses those needs.  Each community is required to establish a CoC in compliance with the new (HUD) CoC Program interim rule.

It is the responsibility of each CoC to establish written policies, procedures and standards to carry out their functions that are tailored to the specific needs and resources within their community AND are in accordance with the federal CoC regulations.

Continuum of Care Policies and Procedures (Coming soon)

Models of Care 

Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) Policies and Procedures (Coming soon)

(For more information about HUD’s CoC regulations visit HUD’s CoC Program User Guides, Tools, and Webinars webpage.)


Frequently Requested CoC Information and Forms

Easily and quickly access some of the most requested CoC information and forms such as income limits, homeless verification form and more.


5-Year Plan to Address Homelessness

The Tampa / Hillsborough County Continuum of Care has made great progress towards reducing homelessness, and ending Veteran and chronic homelessness.  The next step is to use all of the technical assistance that has been provided to our community to develop a 5-Year Plan on Homelessness.

Several stakeholder input sessions were held in mid-March and during these sessions, the consultant provided a side-by-side comparison of several reports and recommendation documents that have resulted from various technical assistance/advisors that have met with the community over the past couple of years.

Click here to review the SideBySide Correlation comparison document presented and used during the Stakeholder Input Sessions.

During the sessions, participants were asked to select one or two ideas, from each of the main areas identified, that are most needed in the community to effectively address homelessness in the community.

If you would like to provide additional feedback and input based on the summary document, you may email your input to


Promoting Health In Homeless Shelters

The Florida Department of Health in Hillsborough County created the Promoting Health in Homeless Shelters (PHHS) work group under the auspices of THHI to bring awareness to the threat of TB and other communicable diseases that disproportionately affect the homeless population.  This was in response to the increase in tuberculosis (TB) outbreaks among homeless populations across the U.S., including Jacksonville, Florida.  The goal of the work group is to create a plan to prevent a major TB outbreak in homeless shelters in the Tampa/Hillsborough County community.