Targeted Efforts

An effective system of care to address the needs of homeless men, women and children requires a coordinated approach that involves all members of the system of care.

As recognized and stated by HUD, the VA and the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness, (USICH), the provision of homeless services cannot happen in silos.  Community partners must work together as a system of care to address the needs of all individuals and families experiencing homelessness, especially the most vulnerable.

One of the primary roles of THHI is to lead the process in developing coordinated and targeted system changes necessary to ensure the community’s homeless system of care is as efficient, effective and client-centered as possible.

THHI is currently leading the following efforts that have/will make significant system changes within the homeless continuum of care utilizing best practices, increased community collaboration and improved effectiveness of the system of care:

Ending Veteran and Chronic Homelessness

With a national goal to end homelessness among Veterans by the end of 2015 and chronic homelessness by the end of 2016, the Tampa/Hillsborough County community will utilize a housing first concept to rapidly re-house homeless Veterans and chronically homeless persons into permanent housing or permanent supportive housing paired with case management and wrap around services. Visit the Ending Veteran and Chronic Homelessness page for more information on the efforts underway.

Coordinated Outreach

Outreach and engagement services are the initial steps in a process that connects individuals and families who are homeless to needed health, social service systems and housing.  Often times in our community, homeless people are actually repeatedly engaged by several outreach workers from various agencies and have a ‘case plan’ with each of them. This creates duplication of effort and resources within the system of care, as well as confusion and delays for the person/households being assisted.  Coordinated Outreach is a proven best practice that helps to eliminate this duplication of effort and provides a coordinated system that will facilitate the process of prioritizing and placing the most vulnerable people living on the street into available housing.  Visit the Coordinated Outreach page to learn more.

Unaccompanied Homeless Youth

Unaccompanied homeless youth (UAY) has been identified by THHI and the community to be a key sub-population for targeted interventions in the overall efforts of reducing and ending homelessness in the Hillsborough County-Tampa community.  These youth  are difficult to locate, have a high distrust of the ‘systems’ and are the most vulnerable segment of the homeless population as they are more likely to be exploited, abused, succumb to drug additions and prostitution as a means to survive.  Their unique needs and challenges require specific interventions and services that differ from the general homeless population.  Visit the Homeless Youth Work Group page to learn more.