FY2016 HUD-CoC Program Competition – Questions and Answers

THHI will post questions received and the answers provided that  related to the Tampa/Hillsborough County FY2016 HUD-CoC Program Competition – New and Renewal Process on this page.

Q:  There are quite a number of requirements expected in a very short period of time.  As a small agency, we will be working very hard to meet these compressed deadlines along with other requirements and deadlines our agency is required to meet.  Because of the time constraints, will there be an option to dial in to the mandatory TA workshop this Friday?
A. There will not be an option to dial into the mandatory TA workshop on Friday, July 22, 2016.  This year’s process includes some new documents/reports that have not previously been required a part of the renewal application process – including the Data Completeness Report, eLOCCS documentation and Performance Scorecard – and the mandatory TA workshop will be providing training related to how and where to pull this information and complete the Performance. Requiring all applicants to attend in-person is the best means of delivering the information/training in a concise and accurate manner.

Q: During last year’s application cycle, we were able to submit these documents to THHI electronically.  Is that not the case this cycle?
A: Because of the amount of paperwork to be received by THHI from 12 projects we are requesting that documents be in a hard copy. This is to ensure efficient receipt of all documents. As with most RFP process across the county this is the standard, and we have found that this is the best way to minimize errors. Please note that we are not requiring any copies to help minimize the projects submission work.

Q: Is there going to be presentations of renewals to the full CoC or Board?
A:  All renewal projects will make a presentation to the CoC at the August CoC meeting as indicated  in the Critical Dates  and Deadlines sections of the FY2016 New and Renewal Project Instructions.  The format to be used for the presentation was posted here.  At this time we are waiting for the THHI Review Board to decide if they want presentations at their meeting on August 26.  If they decide to have presentations made, THHI will notify all renewal project applicants directly.

Q: Does THHI want sub-recipients to submit the renewals themselves?
A: Yes sub recipients will be submitting the renewals themselves, with the assistance of THHI reviewing the applications before submission, as THHI staff will review all renewals.

Q: Does THHI want the sub-recipients for renewal applications to give a presentation?
Yes, this year, the sub-recipients will give do all required presentations for the project’s renewal application.

Q: How are sub-recipients able to access a renewal if THHI is listed as the grantee?
A: The e-snaps for the HUD renewal applications is still not available as HUD has not released it. All sub-recipient agencies currently have access to THHI’s e-snaps account for their applications.

Q: Are sub-recipients submitting the final application?
A: For sub recipients, they will be submitting the application once notified on August 29, 2016 of projects inclusion in CoC Collaborative Application. THHI will be another set of eyes to review the application, as we will with all applications, to ensure it is the best that it can possibly be.