FY2016 – HUD-CoC Program Competition

HUD released the FY2016 HUD-CoC Program Competition NOFA on June 28, 2016.

As part of THHI’s 2016 Universal RFP process, THHI, as the lead agency and Collaborative Applicant, has released the following documents for the FL-501 Tampa/Hillsborough County HUD-CoC Program Competition:

THHI 2016 Universal RFP – Addendum – 061016

FY2016 – HUD-CoC Program – New and Renewal Application Process Instructions – Final – 071916 (Addendum 2 to THHI’s 2016 Universal RFP)

Performance Scorecard Instructions For Renewals – Final – 071916

FY2016 – HUD-CoC Program Competition Performance Score Card-Renewals – Final – 071916

THHI 2016 Universal RFP – Housing First-Low Barrier Assessment – FINAL – Corrected – 051716

FY16 CoC Competition Staff Liaison. Final

FY2016 Renewal Project Presentation Format – Final – 071616

FL-501 Tampa-Hillsborough County 2016 Housing Inventory Chart-Submitted to HUD

Instructions to finding Project eLOCCS information

FY16 Update of CoC Meeting Attendance for RFP scoring. Final.xlsx

CoC Committee Attendance for RFP Scoring – Updated to Correct Formatting – 072016

FY2016 Renewal Project _ Perforamnce Data Comment – Final – 072116

FY2016 HUD. CoC Program Renewal Submission Checklist docx


Notice to Project Applicants of Inclusion/Exclusion

In accordance with the FY16 HUD-CoC Program Competition NOFA that all projects be notified no later than 15 days before the FY 2016 application deadline of their inclusion in the CoC’s FY16 HUD-CoC Application, the Tampa Hillsborough Homeless Initiative as the lead agency and collaborative applicant for the Tampa/Hillsborough County CoC hereby issues this notice of inclusion/exclusion for the FY16 HUD-CoC Program Competition NOFA.

FY16 – Notice of Inclusion and exclusion – Final – 082916

FY16 – HUD-CoC Application – Priority Listing and DRAFT Application Posted

THHI, as the Collaborative Applicant for the Tampa/Hillsborough County CoC’s FY16 HUD-CoC Program Competition Application, has posted a draft of the FY16 Collaborative Application.

The Collaborative Application consists of 3 parts:

1. Application
2. Project Priority Listing
3. Project Applications

The posting of these documents opens THHI’s Community Comment Period.  THHI invites CoC members, community members and key stakeholders to review the Collaborative Application documents.  THHI will accept written feedback submitted via email to info@THHI.org.  The Community Comment Period ends on September 6, 2016.

The Draft Collaborative Application can be found here.


FL-501 – FY2016 HUD CoC Program Competition – Collaborative Application Submission

THHI, as the lead agency and designated Collaborative Applicant for Tampa/Hillsborough County CoC (FL-501), has completed the FY2016 HUD CoC Program Competition Collaborative Application for submission to HUD.

Click here to view the Collborative Application Submission, including the Application, Project Priority Listing and Project Applications.


Renewal project applicants should contact their assigned THHI Staff Liasion (as listed on the THHI  FY16 CoC Competition Staff Liaison document) with any questions or concerns.
All Questions and Answers will be posted here.
Other CoC members and communtiy members may submit questions regarding the process to THHI at info@THHI.org.


HUD Documents – FY2016 HUD-CoC Program Competition

All HUD documents related to the FY2016 HUD-CoC Program Competition can be accessed on HUD’s FY 2016 Continuum of Care (CoC) Program Competition: Funding Availability webpage at: