Operation: REVEILLE

Operation: REVEILLE was implemented on July 30th, 2014 in St. Louis, Missouri, where, Antoinette Hayes-Triplett was responsible for conceptualizing and developing the Operation: REVEILLE program as a housing-first initiative with the goal of ending homelessness among  military veterans. The program aims to rapidly rehouse veterans, and develop a system of care to ensure that the veteran never sleeps on the streets again.

Since Ms. Hayes-Triplett’s success with developing Operation: REVEILLE, the program has since been replicated in seven states across the nation, including Florida. The first Operation: REVEILLE in Tampa/Hillsborough County was held on Veterans Day 2014.

Each year on Veterans Day, the Tampa/Hillsborough Continuum of Care in conjunction with local, state, regional and national partners  re-house 25-50 Military Veterans in need of housing, presenting each Veteran with keys to their very own home on Veterans Day.

On the day of the event, Veterans are also offered access to essential services needed to support their immediate transition into housing. Intensive case management will assist the Veteran in the days and weeks following move-in to access other needed services, such as physical and mental health services and treatments, employment and job training opportunities, financial assistance counseling and much more to help these Veterans achieve housing stability.