Shelter and Housing

Emergency Shelter (including Interim/Bridge Housing, Community Housing Solutions Center)

Emergency Shelter type programs provide emergency, short-term residence for a family or individual.  This can be from a single night to up to a few months depending on the program and the needs of the household.  This can (depending on the program) include meals, beds, access to a phone, mail services, case management, family/individual completes an assessment to determine goal planning and housing needs and referral.
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Rapid Re-housing Programs

Rapid re-housing programs help families and individuals quickly move out of homelessness and into permanent housing, which is usually housing in the private market. Services to support rapid re-housing include housing search and landlord negotiation, short-term financial and rental assistance, and the delivery of home-based housing stabilization services, as needed. often use a relatively light-touch approach to financial assistance and supportive services, seeking to provide just enough assistance to help people get back into housing, while being available to offer additional support or connections to other resources and programs if more help is needed.
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Transitional Housing Programs

Transitional Housing programs provide housing for up to 24 months for a family or an individual who is homeless and meets HUD (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development) homeless eligibility guidelines.  The transitional housing can be an individual or apartment style unit within a structured environment.  Transitional housing includes intensive case management, long-term goal planning, and independent living.  After obtaining the skills necessary to maintain housing, most families/individuals move into permanent housing with supportive services
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Permanent Supportive Housing Programs

Permanent Supportive Housing programs provide long-term community-based housing with supportive services for homeless persons with disabilities.  This housing component enables special needs populations to live as independently as possible in a permanent setting.  The housing can be provided in one structure or a scattered site program.  The disability has to be of a long-term duration by which their ability to live independently could be improved by more suitable housing.
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Shelter Availability

For shelter and housing programs listed in CommunityPoint, the system shows the number of units in each program, and the number currently available.
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